While I 'almost never' agree with Atty Gen Sessions

I can relate to 'reverse discrimination' against white males. Hard to believe, but it IS real. I know, cuz it happened to me.
I originally went to college to become a Dr and did well in pre-med at Kearney State College, then Univ of Colo-Boulder. When I realized what a tough field I'd chosen, I settled on becoming a P.A., or Pysician's Asst, which was a fairly new field at the time. Now, I see a PA more often than a Dr at my local health provider.
But, Affirmative Action was just a 'new thing' at the time, and I didn't realize the consequences until my good grades were passed over, for female minority students. Yup, their C's allowed them to be accepted while my A's, as a white male, got kicked out for a quota system.
I often thought of the patients who were damaged by unqualified PA's who were bumped up, cuz they were 'double minorities'.
Affirmative Action. One of rhose things that is no big deal, until it it affects you.


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