While trying to wake up this morning,

I was flipping through the news channels, and caught a snippet of true propaganda, for the double digit IQ crowd. There was some dark haired Bimbo on FOX explaining that Dems were pursuing the Trump/Russia witch hunt, 'just because they lost and are sore losers'. She further explained that there is ZERO proof of Trump colluding with Russia, and even if he did, it's NOT illegal.
BUT, the main reason, she explained again, is they're just sore losers and wanna divert attention from the fact that Hilary is a criminal and should be prosecuted.
As I shook my head in disbelief, I realized WHY, FOXSheep are so clueless. They watch and swallow this crap, then believe they are informed.
OMG! And you wonder how we got the Orange Clown as PRESIDENT?
Thank you Roger Ailes, Repub Political Strategist who CREATED the Repub Propaganda Outlet, for sheep who wanna hear ONE SIDE of the political story, and discard the rest as Fake News. At least they don't call it Fair and Balanced any more. That was TOO funny, even for the rightwingnuts....


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