Yahoo for Sarah McHuckster

she has a plan to avoid questions from those nasty 'fake news' reporters.
In a time-limited press conference, she reads letters from 'real' little kids, like Pickles, who loves the Orange Clown.
He had a Trump-themed birthday party, probably with a 'real' Mexican instead of a pinata, to beat on.
SO, instead of dealing with questions about the Liar in Chief, she reads 'real' letters from 9 year olds who love the Clown Figure in the White House.
PS This was after she hemmed and hawed, shucked and jived, before finally admitting the Liar in Chief TOTALLY made up the phone calls from Mexico and the Boy Scout leader.
OMG! Just when you think it can't possibly get worse, the propaganda machine just cranks it up a notch. Letters from little kids. And the sheep swallow it whole...


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