Will save you some money,

and give you a synopsis of Karl Rove's new expose' of the Bush/Cheney/Rove administration. "We didn't lie about the Iraq War, WMD's, Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame or any of those other things, and anyone that says we did, no matter HOW much proof they have is just a dirty scumbag liberal. And, by the way, we did a fantastic job, no matter what the final poll numbers say, and don't believe unemployed whiners who blame the recession/depression on us, just because it was our policies in place for those 8 years." Republicans are applauding him for, 'finally getting the truth out'. There, I saved you $30. You're welcome.


ladyj said…
Tell me you bought the book?????
Fam Guy said…
Of course I did(n't), RU crazy, BUT I've been hearing/reading a lot about it, from the usual spin-meisters.

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