Have been doing

some roof repair at the 'Birds of Prey' headquarters, and I think I got the main leaks fixed. I forget how some people have a problem walking/working on roofs, BUT, I have been on SO many roofs, over the years, I got no problem with it. Bottom line, they appreciate me fixing the leaks on the various buildings, and it is pretty easy for me. Next time I'm up there, am gonna get a picture. One of the most beautiful locations, ever. Have been getting in a lot of Great Horned Owls, lately. Not sure why.


Anonymous said…
I think it is so GREAT that you are doing this!!!!!!
Fam Guy said…
Thanks, but it's great for me, and I'll do it as long as it's enjoyable. Will be able to get more done once the weather is better. Snowing now, but not bad. Volunteering makes me realize there's alot out there, and maybe people would be better served than birds.

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