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Newt Gingrich was on 'Leno'

last night, and was surprisngly rational and coherent, while admitting the Pubs had to change, but admitted he was 'shocked' when Romney was beaten. Jay pointed out that nearly ALL the polls had Obama ahead, but Newt said he hadn't seen it. Leno then nailed the problem when he said, 'That's cuz all you guys just watch FOXNews'. Oh really? And they wonder why they have a disconnect with reality? Ha Ha. Let 'em stay ignorant. They're easier to beat.

Carol got tickets,

and we went to the DaVinci Machines Exhibition, today, at the Pavilions, in downtown Denver. It was awesome, to see replicas of so many of his machines and drawings. The guy that did 'Mona Lisa' and 'The Last Supper', where one of the disciples, to Jesus' right, is OBVIOUSLY a woman, was talented in SO many ways, although the Catholic Church fought his 'blasphemy'. A true genius, who lived during the Renaissance, as man came to understand the natural world, designed flying machines, weapons, architecture, anatomy books, gear drives, drilling and lifting equipment and SO much more. Then we went to 'The Yardhouse', for appetizers and beer/wine. Wow, we need one of those in Broomfield.

Good article about FOXNews,

explaining why the Dems should support FOX, cuz as they feed red meat to their rabid base, they are are obviously driving away voters who actually think, with all their anti-intellectual, anti-women and anti-minority, Pro-Repub propaganda. I particularly liked the line, 'while there is no provable link between stupidity and conservatism, one could certainly come to that conclusion by watching FOXNews.' How true...

Carol and I were at lunch,

yesterday, at the Asian King restaurant, in Lafayette, when a really buff guy, wearing an Air Force football staff shirt and cap came in and had a quick meal. We were both impressed by his  'build' and bearing and I said I thought he was the Air Force coach, who may have been meeting with the staff at CU, a couple miles away, cuz they need a new coach. This morning I googled DeRuyter, the AF coach, and got his picture, and it was definitely him. Seems he is kinda like me, and when in a strange place, will ask where the best Chinese buffet is. Hmmm. Wonder what he was doing in this neck of the woods?

An important part of life,

is going to a funeral every once in a while, to keep everything in perspective. Went to Lowell Piper's memorial today, and was reminded what a great guy he was. Carol worked with him at State Farm for 12 years and didn't have one bad memory of him. Just thinking about Lowell, and remembering what a great guy he was, is enough to make me wanna be a better person. Am trying....

Actual photo of Romney,

trying to come up with some extra votes, while Obama went after the 'college grad' demographic. Mitt did prove part of the old adage, 'You CAN fool some of the people, all of the time'. Is really crazy how the Pubs are making all kinds of excuses, to make themselves feel better about losing. LOTS of reasons, but the main one? Easy. He had to go so FAR right wing, to win the primaries, that he was never able to flip flop far enough to appeal to the middle, where most Americans live. Too bad, so sad, the Pubs got beat, also, cuz they denied obvious scientific facts, to appeal to their uneducated base.

As the Pubs,

bluster and sputter about how/why they lost, AGAIN, they're looking at the Iowa straw poll, that starts their primary. Might be a problem there, huh? The winner? ------ Michelle Bachmann! Yup, they may be on to something.... Nope, it's cuz Obama gave 'gifts' to all the non-Romney voters. Oh yeah, and he won all the 'educated' states, while Romney carried the 'others'.

Grovers' rats

are heading for solid ground. Who da thunk, even Pubs can read the writing on the wall, as we approach the fiscal cliff that they created? Should be real interesting to watch these clowns rationalize their new positions, as they struggle with reality, in the face of Repub politics. LOL.

Have really mixed feelings

about the firing of CU Buff football coach, Jon Embree. He inherited 'no talent' and a really tough schedule, BUT, they weren't getting better, it seemed. Bill McCartney, who won a national championship, was 1-10 in his third year, but Jon never really had a chance. Glad it wasn't me who had to make the decision. Bottom line, a really good guy, that the players respected, but the worst team ever, at CU, and they have to eat his 5 year contract. It all goes back to the GWBush of CU football, Dan Hawkins, who killed the program.

Because I was curious

and have the time, I have been researching whether ethanol provides as much or more energy than it takes to produce it. Seems the answer is highly political, depending on whose side you're on, and what variables are included in the equation. Bottom line, when you factor in ALL the energy involved, from planting to the pump, including the fact that every gallon has to be trucked in, cuz the highly corrosive ethanol can't be pumped through gas pipelines, it's break-even at best, and wouldn't be at all profitable, if not for gov't subsidies. When 'other' costs are included, such as the rise in food costs, because so much farm land is used for fuel, rather than food, it's not even close. Considering the wasted water, from ever sinking, irreplaceable aquifers, esp during drought years, and the whole program is downright criminal, as 'the many' pay for the profits of a few.

As they dodged falling pig manure

and acknowledged reports of an unusual cold snap in hell, more Repubs committed to doing what's right for America, rather than honoring their pledges to Grover Norquist. What's next for these clowns, admitting the truth about evolution and climate change?

They won't do that again, on Bullshit Mountain

That is, have an interview with a true expert, instead of one of their paid propagandists.
FOXNews Co-anchor Jon Scott interviewed Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author Thomas Ricks, who has covered the military for decades, about his new book "The Generals."
When pressed about the 'tragedy' in Benghazi, Ricks compared it to security contractors who were killed in Iraq. He described the attack in Benghazi as a "small fire-fight" and added, "I think the emphasis on Benghazi has been extremely political, partly because Fox is operating as a wing of the Republican Party."
At that point, Scott thanked Ricks for his time and ended the interview after about 90 seconds.

I say, let em' secede

Good article in the Denver Post today, about the jerks who wanna secede. They may have some problems though, cuz the blue states pay ALL the bills for the red states, when you look at taxes paid vs receiving gov't aid. Look it up. Education=income, ignorance=gov't handouts. Great article that tells it, 'like it is'.

and this isn't even counting states like Nebr, who get HUGE largesse in the form of 'ethanol subsidies' that support their farmers, at the expense of everyone who drives or eats, to grow corn for ethanol that takes more energy to produce than it creates, while draining the Ogallala Aquifer.

That black woman, named Rice,

who got things SO wrong, SHOULD be held accountable, because Americans died, and she provided false info to Congress. Am talking about Condi Rice, not Susan, but that's DIFFERENT, cuz she was a Pub, and Susan is a DEM. Condi's lies were MUCH worse, cuz thousands died, not four, but hey, that's OK, if you're a Pub. Those a**holes never change.

Saw a good movie yesterday,

that Carol got from Redbox. 'Salmon Fishing on the Yemen' wasn't a flick I would have ever thought to get, but it was excellent, based on a true story about an Arab sheik/gazzilionaire who liked salmon fishing in Scotland and had a scheme to import it to Yemen. Very well done, by a subsidiary of the BBC that makes movies, and if it wasn't true, I'd say, 'No way.' The day before, saw 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel', another British flick about that takes place in India. Also very well done.

Interesting article today,

'The Paperwork Mountain at Veterans Affairs',
that, on the surface, makes it look like someone's not doing their job, cuz it takes so long for some vets to get benefits. What it doesn't say is that nearly 45% of the millions of vets coming back from Iraq/Afg are applying for disabilty. Unbelievable, but true. Before it's over we'll be able to add another 0 on the cost of W's trillion dollar, 'Oops, no WMD's' war, based on lies.

The state that gave us GWBush,

who caused the economic problems that still plague us, now wants to secede from the union. I say let 'em, but the good people of Austin, where they actually have a university and believe in education, has it's own petition drive. Austin wants to withdraw from Texas and remain part of the United States, “in the event that Texas is successful in the current bid to secede.”
Gotta love them Texans.... Not really. With different jobs, I have probably spent a couple years of my life living there, and have found it a volatile mixture of good people and ignorant rednecks, in nearly equal amounts.

Not sure why,

but I like 'Gold Rush, Alaska', and it was a typical show tonight, with all the equipment breaking down, and not as much gold as they were expecting/hoping for. Can understand why gold is so valuable. Now, it's 'Jungle Gold', which is also interesting, in a crazy kinda way.

It's a start

Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) unloaded on anti-tax activist Grover Norquist and his "no new taxes" pledge this week, saying that it has impeded meaningful progress toward finding additional revenue and a path away from the fiscal cliff. "I care too much about my country -- I care a lot more about it than I do about Grover Norquist," Wow, a reasonable Repub? What's next?
Bill Maher also had a good quote, referring to Obama. "You're free now -- with no more elections to win, you are free to never again have to kiss the ass of coal miners and say the words "clean coal." There is no such thing as "clean coal." It's like saying "Internet Privacy" or "Tea Party Intellectual." Or "Fox News Journalist."

Another great Thanksgiving,

up at Nate and Laura's, with a new wrinkle this year. A deep fried turkey, and a ham, for the 22 of us. Everyone brought goodies and it was all fantastic. 7 hours later and I can still barely move. After 7 years, all the good cooks know what to bring and how to bring it. Good job, Nate and Laura, and everyone else, with a shout out to Kari, for her pies and cranberry salad. Wow, good times and a great meal, with our really special family. Lots to be thankful for...

A few days ago,

I had a post about Medbox, (MDBX), a company that builds vending machines for marijuana. Really. This is a pretty interesting chart, if you like that kinda stuff, on a company that went from $3 to over $200, in a few days, then dropped down to $50, yesterday, and closed at $62 today. Accoring to chart reading, (volume/price), it still has some upside. Crazy....;range=1m;compare=;indicator=volume;charttype=area;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=off;source=undefined;

A few years ago,

I really enjoyed the book, 'Life of Pi', but couldn't imagine it being made into a movie. It premiered last night, and the Denver Post gave it 4, out of 4, stars, which is very unusual. Supposedly the new 'Avatar', with it's 3D effects. After seeing previews I couldn't understand how they could train a tiger like that, but learned it is all CGI. Wow. Can't wait to see it.

A new college basketball scoring record

was set last night, by sophomore Jack Taylor, of Grinnell.
The Grinnell College sophomore guard scored an NCAA-record 138 points during the Pioneers' 179-104 win Tuesday night against Faith Baptist Bible College in an Iowa-school Division III matchup.
WOW. Ever heard of defense?

It's not easy to change,

but I'm gonna try. With the time I have each day, and all the places I've learned to look, on-line, for interesting stories, I've become increasingly cynical, esp as the election came and went. But, I've got to remember there's basically nothing I can do, and even though FOXNews drives me crazy, cuz people actually believe them, it's not my problem, unless I choose to let them bother me. SO, am gonna make an effort to be more positve and not try to reply to every whack job politician and Fox 'news' story that relies on public stupidity and ignorance. Won't be easy, and can't go 'cold turkey', but am gonna make an effort to move from cynicism to positivity. We'll see.

For those who missed it,

or may have forgotten, or need some ammo for the redneck at the Thanksgiving table who says the country's going to hell, cuz Obama was re-elected, here's some cold, hard facts, from The Denver Post. On second thought, to keep the peace, just nod and agree we should all secede from the US.

The dopey states went big for Romney. The smart states were all Obama. Take that college graduate-ranking thing. The top 15 states in that category are Massachusetts, Maryland, Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, Virginia, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Minnesota, Washington, Rhode Island, Illinois, California and Hawaii.
Every single one of those states voted for Obama.
From the bottom of the college graduation list we have West Virginia, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nevada, Alabama, Tennessee, Indiana, Oklahoma, Wyoming and South Carolina.
On the 'College Ain't for Me' list, only Nevada didn't go Romney.
See any pattern there?


A report released Monday by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and the Brave New Foundation found that 70 percent of retired three-and-four star generals took jobs with defense contractors or consultants.The report found that 76 out of 108 top generals took such jobs from 2009 to 2011, and a few continued to advise the Department of Defense while on the payroll of contractors.

This, while receiving HUGE pay and benefit packages from the taxpayers. And you wonder why 'Defense' is the largest part of the US budget and the Pubs are always wanting another war?

Funny story in Financial News, today

On Monday afternoon, Medbox Inc., a small company that makes pot-dispensing vending machines, stock was trading at $42 -- up from $6 last week, right before recommended investing in the firm as a proxy to getting into the marijuana business.
That story prompted a 3,000 percent share price spike -- Medbox stock touched $215 before closing at $205 on Thursday.
"I'm thinking pot smokers shouldn't trade stocks," wrote one former hedge fund manager.

Kinda funny, cuz I was looking at Medbox when it was $3. but thought there was NO WAY there could ever be pot dispensing machines, and if there were, they'd get stolen. Then I forgot about it...

There's a lot of noise out there,

from Pubs, about the demise of the Repub party, when you compare their shrinking base with that of the Dems. Also, if you can read graphs, they show that demographics and 'enlightened thinking', through better education, clearly favors the Dems. Not so fast, I say. In a nutshell, though we are slowly emerging from the catastrophe of the Bush years, we are still in deep doo doo, and unless Congress can quit their partisan bickering (not likely) and deal with the fiscal cliff, huge gov't debt, underwater mortgages and, most importantly, JOBS, let alone the slow motion train wreck in Europe, I just don't see a rosy scenario that's gonna make it all better. Sorry if that makes me a cynic, but I just look at facts. SO, if I had to bet, I'd say the Pubs will be back in 4 years, cuz the public will say that Obama had his chance, and after 8 years it's time for new leadership, although NO ONE could have fixed the disaster of the Bush legacy. I REALLY hope I'm …

Just finished watching

The Dust Bowl, and was really affected by all the stories, and the pictures that looked like they came out of our old family albums. Is impossible to imagine what our families went through, as life became survival, on the Nebraska plains. It shaped their thoughts and attitudes in ways we can never understand, but a PBS program like this goes a long way toward explaining it. The drought that caused the disaster is now kept at bay by irrigation from the Ogallala aquifer, but that has been drained by 50%, growing mostly corn, turned into ethanol, that takes more energy to produce than it creates, thanks to gov't subsidies to farmers. Unbelievable, how stupid and shortsighted some people can be.

Saw most of the first half,

of Ken Burn's PBS show on 'The Dust Bowl'. Have heard stories from the folks, who lived through it, but it's hard to imagine dealing with such a disaster, year after year, as heat and drought, along with fierce winds, turned the sky black with blowing dust. Is pretty hard to watch the suffering so many people endured, for so long, as the Great Plains dried up and blew away, taking people's lives and dreams with it.

In a political party,

populated with flakes like Akin, Murdoch and Bachmann it takes a real idiot to stand out. That would be Allen West, who lost the election 2 weeks ago, but still refuses to step down. Perfect legacy for the guy who claims, 'there's at least 80 Communists in the Democratic Congress'. Sure gonna miss him and his sharp intellect.

Nice Sunday afternoon,

as Ted and Kari came over, in their new Acura RL, (they are SO spoiled) and we watched the Broncos win their fifth in a row, then had Carol's famous Shepherd's Pie and cocoanut cream pie. Yummmm. I made the mistake of test driving the 300 HP car, and now my ride seems woefully inadequate, esp the sound system. Oh well, maybe if I had a job....

Romney continued,

his 'Whine Country' tour, saying how the 'liberal media' used the Repub debates to poke fun at the candidates. Duh, you think so? When you have a clown parade, taking turns at the front, each trying to be more 'severely conservative' than the next, in a country that resides near the middle, what do you expect? What's the mainstream press supposed to do, as the '7 Psychopaths' assembled a circular firing squad and tried to impress the rural, Tea Party yokels? Mitt FINALLY prevailed in the 'anyone but Romney' campaign where Perry, Cain, Bachmann, Newt and the rest of the whack jobs insulted each other, as well as the country's intelligence, while Daniels and Huntsman (who could have won) were laughed out of the running. Mr Etch a Sketch tried to back off all his 'core' positions, but it was too late. Liberal press? HA! The idiots orchestrated their own demise. Good riddance.

The new Prop 64

in Colo reminds me of when I did security for Feyline, and we'd search 'obvious' people at the gate, and find pipes and pot, etc. No problem, but it was funny to see the look on their faces, as we waved them in. If they had alcohol, it went into the 'trash can', which we'd split with the cops at the end of the evening. Got to know several of 'Denver's finest' that way.

Was kinda funny,

as I was in the hot tub this afternoon, watching a BIG hawk in a tree on the fairway, who was watching Bailey, while she was watching some little birdies, in a bush. Not sure what part of the food chain was watching me.

In all the coverage

of the four star generals, with their 'Call of Booty', and their big-boobed Florida girlfriends, the worst part of it, for me, is the 'Honorary So Korean Consulate' title that one of the bimbos got. Seems she was brokering a $4 billion deal, involving the gov't and military, and she was asking $80 mil for her cut. SO typical, for the Repub military industrial complex, as we taxpayers are gouged, so HUGE contracts can be negotiated between defense contractors and gov't agencies, with the generals greasing the skids, for their buddies. And Pubs are screaming about cuts to the (largest in the world, times 20) bloated military. Another sickening part of the story shows our head General in Afg had nearly 30,000 e-mails to his girlfriend, while he was supposedly in charge of the war. Just when I think I can't be shocked, any more... 30,000 e-mails?

In typical FOX BS fashion,

they have a story today, about retirement,
saying you can be comfortable, if you have $250,000 in assets. Are you kidding me? Maybe, if you were only gonna live a few years, didn't travel, or even leave the house, and you didn't have any unforeseen expenses. Again, as FOX spouts their fantasies, I have the same old question. People really believe this crap? Although, in the states where the FOX and the Repub base reside, you can probably buy the average house for about $40K.

Was thinking

of a new name for my blog, cuz it's not really so much about Fam any more. SO, wanted to do, and have 'the lie of the day', or Top 10, knowing I would always have a guarantee of material, but that domain name is already taken, by Wanted go in that direction, as I see FOX Lies getting even worse, when I thought that was impossible. We'll see, but all the FoxSucks, FoxCrap, etc, are already gone. I'm obviously not the first to think that way, so I guess I'm stuck with FamGuy.

Carol fixes a lot

of good meals, but tonight's green chile (with a bunch of Hatch's chiles), tortillas and corn bread was off the chart. Ate WAY too much, cuz I couldn't stop. Wow....

The Pubs continue to be outraged,

cuz the Obama admin didn't call Benghazi, 'terrorism', from the get-go, rather than waiting for the facts. It's OK to start a war based on lies, and wreck our country's economy, cuz, 'Hey, everyone makes mistakes.' BUT, this Libya thing is 'UNforgivable', along with getting a blow job in the White House, according to the Repubs. RIIIGGHHT. You gotta have priorities....


the zealots in Israel and Palestine are rattling sabres, shooting rockets and making threats again. Sorry to be less than impressed, but this gets kinda old, as it has been the same, for as long as I can remember, while the fanatics continue to claim, 'My religion is better than yours'. Nothing new here, but let's hope it doesn't get out of control.

Good new John Grisham book,

'The Racketeer', that I'm really enjoying on my Kindle. Next, is the new Nelson DeMille novel, 'The Panther', after just finishing 'Stealing Faces'. Although getting old is a bitch, there's a lot of good stuff involved with being retired, as in being able to read my favorite authors, as well as a 'bunch of stuff' on the web. As always, a mixed blessing...

I wonder,

what goes through the mind of the Pubs (if anything), when they see that, 'Of the Top 15 'college graduate' states, Romney got ZERO, and of the Lowest 12 college grad states, he got 11 of 12.
A coincidence? The Libs hi-jacked the data, just like climate change! or, Wow, maybe there's a pattern here?  Really. I wonder what goes on in those little, close minded conservative brains, as they try to reconcile Fox saying it's the 'gimme free stuff' voters, while the data says just the opposite, as education and income are DIRECTLY related. Do they understand? No way, but they got FOX to make em' feel better, about losing.

In the worst of all possible worlds,

the Twinkie gobbling masses are being deprived of their favorite diabetic coma inducing treat, by, gasp!, the evil UNIONS. The Repub base, which overlaps with the 'most obese' states and the Bible Belt, is stockpiling the last of the high calorie sugar bombs, as Fox continues to preach to their base, 'We told you, unions are BAD!'

Haley Barbour (R) says,

"We've got to give our political organizational activity a very serious proctology exam,” Barbour said, “We need to look everywhere." At least he admits where the Pubs' heads reside, which is a start, as they are for free enterprise, but not free people. Business should be free of regulation, but women can't be trusted to make decisions for their own bodies. Banks should be free to take risks, but adults should be locked up if they want to smoke pot. Big businesses can merge when they want, but a committed couple must pass the Pubs' religious tests. The pro business, anti personal freedom GOP just doesn't get it. You can't be the 'Freedom Party' for business, when you want to regulate the most intimate parts of people's personal lives. Obviously, the young, educated, female and gay parts of society, not to mention minorities, understand this, while the Pubs suffer from an anal/cranial inversion. SO, bottom line, the Pubs don't appear …

Oh Really?

Chris Ariens asked Fox News chief Roger Ailes, today, how the network will cover President Obama's second term.
“It’s day to day for us,” Ailes tell us. “We don’t — I know no one believes it — we have no agenda. If he runs into a burning building tomorrow and saves four kids, he’s gonna be the biggest goddamn hero Fox News ever saw.
 Is this guy funny, or what? Hey Roger, in your own words, 'NO ONE BELIEVES IT ', for a reason. What a joke. There must be 10 'news' articles on FOX today, all with the same msg. The Repubs are TRYING to make a fiscal cliff compromise, but Obama is arrogant, stubborn and refuses to compromise. Same ol' shit, different day.

750,000 secessionists,

sounds like a lot, but in a country of 300 million, it's less than a quarter of 1%. Sorta like intelligent, reasonable 'news' people at FOXNews. They may be there, but the % is negligible. Like everything in life, it's all relative.

Mitt's explaining his loss,

to his buddies at FOXNews, with no mention of Ryan not carrying his home state, and himself being 'blown out' by 23 points in Mass, where people knew him best, after pissing off the 'educated' vote (0 for 15, in top college grad states) and alienating women everywhere. No big deal to Mitt, it's that damn 47% who want 'free stuff', is why he lost. Just keep repeating it Mitt, to the FOXNews crew and theyll relay it to the faithful. Nothing new here....

The 'we don't need no education' crowd,

is at it again, with petitions to secede from the US. At least seven states – including Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina and Tennessee have submitted over 25,000 signatures. To the 7 states who got nearly 25% of the nat'l govt's largesse (while paying in less than 10%), I say 'good riddance'. Give 'em their own state. AL or LA would be fine, and let'em marry their cousins, drink their corn squeezin's, watch FOXNews, and we won't send the welfare checks. Works for me.

Interesting article,

Last Saturday,

I had a post about Penn St being screwed by the officials at Nebr, in a TD call that was reviewed by the Nebr officials, in slow mo and stop action, before they robbed Penn St. NOW, when the Penn St QB complains about the obvious 'screw job', he gets in trouble. Here's the video. See what you think.
Not even close. How can the Nebr officials (shown above) get away with such an obviously terrible call, in slow motion on national TV?

Yahoo, a good 'Survivor' night,

as I didn't get voted off, AND we had the crew over, for some really good Chow Mein, with all the fixin's. It took a while, but I finally found, 'Big Choice', Broomfield's newest brew pub, this afternoon and brought home a 'growler' of my fav brew, which happened to be the 'Pablano'. Excellent! Good times, with good friends...

The last election proved,

that there is a certain percentage (about 12%, the FOXNews crowd) of the public that has a 'mushroom' gene in their DNA, as in, they like to be kept in the dark and smothered in bullshit. After FOX was shown to be SO wrong, (again) with all their predictions, prognostications and 'guarantees' you'd think there'd be a bit of an uprising. No Way. The next day, the sheep dutifully lined up at the trough, saying, 'Thank you sir, may I have another'. Some things never change.

Same ol' FOXNews B*llsh*t

"Right now our economy is still recovering from a very deep and damaging crisis, so our top priority has to be jobs and growth," Obama said. "We've got to build on the progress that we've made."

"The reminder was a refrain on the campaign trail, and apparently will be part of the rhetorical repertoire going forward in a second term, which is 'Blaming Bush'," was the FOX retort.

SO, what part of that statement isn't true? I know the Pubs don't like to be reminded, but what is the 'statute of limitations', on wrecking a country? The good news? No more (R) prez for the next 4 years, SO, we actually do have a chance at recovery, although I'd bet against it, after the hole Bush left us in, and the Pub controlled House of Reps.

Read more:

Oh No! Anarchy in Boulder!

District Attorney Stan Garnett today announced that his office will dismiss all pending cases of marijuana possession under one ounce, saying the overwhelming support for Amendment 64 in Boulder County would make it highly unlikely a jury would ever reach a guilty verdict in any of those cases.
"You've seen an end to mere possession cases in Boulder County under my office," and Garnett said his office will also not prosecute any marijuana paraphernalia charges in light of Amendment 64.

Doesn't he know, that's gonna KILL tourism?

I don't usually

support a boycott, incl Chick Fil A, even though I didn't agree with them. Papa John's is different.
Having a boycott created is as easy as one, two, three: (1) start a pizza chain; (2) tell people that you plan on passing health care reform’s cost on to customers; (3) tell everyone you plan on cutting workers’ hours so you don’t have to insure them.
And presto pizza, we present to you the Papa John’s Obamacare boycott meme!
If you don’t know already, Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter has almost singlehandedly slapped a derogatory Internet meme on his own company after a number of Obamacare-related PR disasters. Then the meme started, eventually climaxing in our personal favorite: “Better ingredients. Better pizza. Better find a second job.”

Too bad, cuz I kinda liked PJ's, but their CEO is a real a-hole. Health care for his employees would be about 4 cents a pizza, NOT the 14 cents he claimed and could come out of his HUGE profits, be passed on to customers, or a combination…

Paul Ryan finally emerged,

from his undisclosed location, and said, 'Obama won because of the urban vote.' Oh Really? Is this guy a genius, or what? Surprise! Rural MS, AL, LA, WV, and bumpkins everywhere overwhelmingly voted for Romney, according to his 'Romney Country' campaign managers, pictured above.