I caught part of an interview with Rex Tillerson this morning.

Rex is Dotard’s former Sec of State, who called the Clown a ‘f—-king moron’, and never denied doing it, or the factuality of it.
In hiis first interview, since soiling his reputation with the Liar in Chief, Rex explained what a shock it was to work for someone ‘didn’t read’ and didn’t rely on research or experts with crucial experience, for his policies and decisions.
Rex said Trump would just ‘wing it’, saying what his ‘gut’ felt, and expect those results.  Many times Mr Tillerson explained that such actions/results were impossible, illegal or both, and the prez would get angry and lash out, or pout.
The former Sec of State said it was impossible, with his background at Exxon Mobil, where every decision was well researched and thought out, with input from many qualified sources before an important decision was made, to go along with Dotard’s reckless, arrogant style., so he quit, like Gary Cohen, the Liar in Chief’s Head Economic Advisor.
Just think about it.
This arrogant, incompetent, Russian-backed, non-reading LIAR who won’t listen to qualified advisors, and won’t read/review research is RUNNING OUR COUNTRY!
Check out Tillerson’s interview and see if you too aren’t FRIGHTENED to know who’s at the helm in these perilous times.
OR, you can just leave your head deeply and firmly encased and continue to have Bullshit Mountain
Propaganda piped into your fact-resistant bubble and not worry about any of Dotard’s errors, cuz you’ll never hear of them.


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