They oughta change their name, from the GOP to Sleazeballs R Us, after their latest stunt.

Lead by the Liar in Chief, the same party whose FIRST act when Dotard was elected was to hold an ‘all night, closed door session’ to get rid of ethics laws, (does that tell you ANYTHING?), are now using their lame-duck powers to side step Democracy in Wisconsin, as they did iin Michigan and NC.

How anyone with a conscious or morals can claim fealty to the slimy party led by the Orange Clown and FOXNews is beyond understanding.
The jackasses(R) aren’t even subtle anymore in their illegal power grabs, which they are ramming through for the THIRD time, so far...

In Michigan, Republican lawmakers introduced bills to limit the power of the incoming governor, attorney general and secretary of state — all Democrats and all women. Similarly, Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin are trying to diminish the powers of their Democratic governor-elect and attorney general-elect as well as limit access to early voting.
These tactics are not new. In 2016, Republicans in the North Carolina legislature used a lame-duck session to pass a series of laws to curb the powers of the incoming Democratic governor.


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