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Friday, June 23, 2017

IF I ever deserve prison for shooting a person

I just hope it's on video, and I'm a white cop, shooting an innocent black guy.
NO PROBLEM! No matter HOW obvious...
No matter what they say, 'Black Lives DON'T  Matter'. esp if you're a white cop.
Don't believe me? I can show you FIVE videos.....
Hey rightwingnuts, you WIN!

Before the Russians got 'their boy' in the White House

Obama had a plan to retaliate against them, for interfering in the US election. BUT, their boy won, thanks to the gullible sheep, SO, now the Russians are 'off the hook'.
A new Washington Post report reveals a secret plan
forged by former President Barack Obama's
administration to retaliate against the Russians
for their interference in the 2016 election.
The Post reports Obama approved a covert operation
just before he left office to plant "cyber weapons" in
 Russia's infrastructure which they called "the digital
equivalent of bombs that could be detonated if the
United States found itself in an escalating exchange
with Moscow."
Ultimately, when Obama left office, the operation was
 still in the planning phase, leaving implementation up
 to President Trump, who has had a rocky history of
acknowledging Russia's involvement in the 2016 
election. DUH, he kisses Putin's ass, cuz that's
the only reason he's prez. And the sheep say Amen....
C'mon a-holes, pretend the Russians didn't put
their boy in the White House. Even YOU can't be THAT
stupid? Oh yeah, you can, Never mind...

It's ONLY 17 of 17 US intel agencies that AGREE the Russians supported
Trump. Do the sheep wonder why? OF COURSE NOT!
Can you say Gullible Idiots? OR typical FOXSheep?

Brrrr, it's cold

Mid afternoon, June 23, and it's 56 degrees, but doesn't feel that warm.

3 out of 5 of the tightest housing markets in the nation

are within a few miles of here, and surprise, all five just happen to be where there's legal pot. Who da thunk,  rightwingnuts?


BOULDER» Boulder County is among the markets with the fewest houses available to buy, according to a new report from insurer Nationwide. The Boulder County Metropolitan Statistical Area has the fourth-lowest level of inventory in the country, behind Seattle, Denver and Tacoma, Wash.
The survey covered the second quarter of 2017.
Fort Collins tied with Boulder for the No. 4 spot, giving Colorado three of the five tightest housing markets in the nation. Denver has 0.98 months of inventory, while Boulder and Fort Collins each has 1.24. 

CNBC, the Business Channel

asked 39 Global CFO's to describe Trump in one word, Here are their answers.
If you had to describe President Donald Trump's management style in one word, what would it be? That's the open-ended question we asked the members of the CNBC Global CFO Council in our quarterly survey. Here are their responses, in alphabetical order: 
  • Antagonistic
  • Arrogant
  • Authoritarian
  • Autocratic
  • Business-style
  • Chaos
  • Chaotic (4 CFOs gave this response)
  • Clueless
  • Confusing
  • Dictatorial
  • Directive
  • Disjointed
  • Disruptive
  • Divisive
  • Erratic (2 CFOs)
  • Fluid
  • Hubristic
  • Incompetent
  • Narcissistic
  • Obnoxious
  • Reactive
  • Reckless (2 CFOs)
  • Self-absorbed
  • Terrible
  • There are no words
  • Unconventional
  • Unpredictable (2 CFOs)
  • Volatile
Responses to the CNBC Global CFO Survey are anonymous. Thirty-five of the 39 CFOs who completed the survey responded to this question.
The CNBC Global CFO Council represents some of the largest public and private companies in the world, collectively managing more than $4 trillion in market capitalization across a wide variety of sectors. The quarterly CFO Council poll was conducted from June 2–16.

There MAY be a question

if the Orange Clown ever colluded with the Russians, in any manner that can be proven. The evidence against his campaign crew is building all the time, BUT, the fact that the Russians hacked our election, in the clown's favor, isn't even debatable, according to ALL our intel agencies
You sheep ever wonder WHY? It's not like the Commies are our buddies. They want to 'take us down', and they just won Step Number One. They helped install the Orange Clown in the White House.
Can you imagine the SCREAMING from the right if Hillary had won that way?
OMG!, Our country would be burning.....BUT, since Trump has an (R), NO PROBLEM.....

Seems I'm not the only one who noticed

that the Liar in Chief misrepresented the truth, lied his ass off at his latest 'campaign rally' in Iowa. I said he lied at least 5 times, but USA Today, (NON-political) claims he lied at least SEVEN times. See the documentation for yourself, BUT, it's no big deal cuz he ALWAYS lies...
Oops, never mind, those with a functioning brain already know he's a lying sack o' shit and the sheep don't care, cuz they've been conditioned by Bullshit Mountain.
Seven LIES in one speech, and it's nowhere near a record for the Orange Clown, but interesting, just the same, mostly cuz the sheep just don't give a shit.

Not sure if it's more funny

or ridiculous. FOXNews, you know that Repub propaganda site, created by the Repub Political Strategist Roger Ailes, that just dropped it's slogan 'Fair and Balanced' cuz everyone laughed too hard, that can't broadcast in Canada, where it's illegal to promote LIES as real news?
Yup, that one. Well, they have a PROBLEM with CNN.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed rival CNN on Thursday night, saying the network practices "advocacy" as opposed to journalism.
Excuse me while I laugh my ass off....

Is ANYONE gullible enough to swallow this crap? Other than the sheep, that is... Nope, didn't think so.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

It makes sense and agrees with what I've always said/thought

Alcohol is a SOLVENT, and Alzheimers/dementia, plus many other diseases like stroke and heart attacks are from a build-up of plaque, lipids and other fatty deposits. Just like putting Drano in a clogged kitchen sink
 VOILA! Remove the clog and the the flow improves.
I know the Pubs are anti-science, but this is SO simple even a Republican should be able to understand... The Germans just proved it...
 Drinking a moderate amount of alcohol may protect against dementia, according to a new study in the journal Age and Ageing.
Among Germans aged 75 and older, those who drank two to three drinks a day decreased their risk of dementia by as much as 60% percent compared to those who abstained.
BTW, it agrees with MANY studies in France and Italy, where wine is a part of life. BUT, the abstainers are part of Darwinism, which I totally agree with.

Obama came out on Facebook today

and agreed with everyone else who has read the Pub anti-Healthcare Bill, that transfers hundreds of BILLIONS to the richest of the rich, in America. The funniest part?
It's the same Bozos that voted for the clown who are gonna be hurt the worst, as the lower income class pays MORE for LESS, and it KILLS Planned Parenthood, which SO MANY use for birth control. You think the Pubs will be happy about the flood of new babies, from people who can't afford them?
No wonder the jerks(R) kept it secret.
If it passes, it's called Kharma. HA!
"The Senate bill, unveiled today, is not a health care bill," he wrote in a Facebook post blasting the legislation that repeals the Affordable Care Act. "It's a massive transfer of wealth from middle-class and poor families to the richest people in America."
It's SO funny as the Pubs reveal their plan to rape the American people, all the FOX headlines on-line are about...... A Sniper, who made a record kill...
Same old shit, from Bullshit Mountain.

Although I don't particularly like Michael Moore

he's right.
Michael Moore Slams Dems: ‘No Message, No Plan, No Leaders’
 They can't just point out what a joke the Liar in Chief is, cuz half the country doesn't give a shit. He has an (R) after his name and that's all that matters, cuz the sheep listen to/believe FOXLies, where the overwhelming message remains DEMS BAD- PUBS GOOD, and that's all their brains can handle.
Until the Dems can get some good policy plans, the double digit IQ minions will rule the country, and by the time they see the damage from The Orange Clown, it will be WAY TOO LATE.
And in semi-related news. Yup, a gay, black woman was the officer who primarily saved the guy who's party is against, gays, blacks and women, no matter HOW MUCH they refuse to admit it.

I was gonna point out the LIES from The Liar in Chief's

latest campaign rally in Iowa, but those of us who use our brain KNOW he lies all the time, and the sheep(R) don't give a shit. SO, why should I point out he lied about, immigrants getting welfare, the 'death tax' on the little people, the Paris Accord being 'non-binding', the US is the highest taxed nation in the world, (it's near the middle) and many more.
But most of all, it was a classic Trump speech because
it contained a cornucopia of muddled and unsupported
claims — many flat-out false, many questionable at best.
Trump even noted as much, saying: “I have to be a little
careful, because they’ll say, ‘He lied!' (I wonder why?)
06/22/2017 12:29 pm ET

5 Things Donald Trump Said At His Rally That Were Wrong

“I have to be a little careful, because they’ll say, ‘He 

lied!’” Trump told Iowa supporters in a speech that 

was full of misstatements. (LIES)

The Pubs finally crawled out of hiding

with their anti-Health Care bill. Here are some of the High-Lights(?).

Republicans plan to bring the controversial bill that was drafted in secret to a quick vote next week, but face potentially fatal opposition to it from several members of their own caucus.
The 142-page bill, if passed into law, would sharply reduce financial aid that currently helps millions of people obtain health coverage, while at the same time offering a tax break to primarily wealthy Americans to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars.
The federal government's share of funding for Medicaid, which is jointly run with individual states, would fall to around 57 percent of the cost of that program, which offers health coverage to the poor. (Those are primarily Repubs, who supported Trump)
"Under the Senate bill, low-income people would pay higher premiums for bigger deductibles," Levitt said.
He had noted on Twitter on Wednesday that "A 60 year-old at 351% of poverty currently gets a premium subsidy of $5,151 per year on average." The Senate bill would eliminate all of that federal financial aid if it becomes law. (The hundreds of BILLIONS to the wealthy has to come from SOMEWHERE!)
Republican=The OPPOSITE of Robin Hood.
Read the entire Disaster(R) here:

Trump has been compared to Nixon

when referring to sleazy Repub politicians, but that's not fair---to Nixon.

The wiretapping of the DNC, even if successful, would not have had much impact on the 1972 election, which Nixon won in a landslide. The 2016 election was much closer — decided by just 80,000 votes in three states — and Trump touted the Clinton campaign emails released by WikiLeaks non-stop during the last month of the campaign. The Russian intervention could well have changed the course of U.S. history, and Trump openly applauded this Russian assault on our democracy.
As Nixon famously said: “It’s not the crime that gets you … it’s the coverup.”
Trump, who has said that he was thinking about "this Russia thing" when he fired James Comey, is now discovering the truth of those words.
Trump and Nixon BOTH hate(d) the press. Guess why? The press exposes their dirty laundry, and the Orange Clown has TONS of it. SO, he calls it 'Fake News' and Bullshit Mountain , where the gullible sheep get their 'news', catapults the bullshit. Nothing new here, but it gets SO old....

In typical rightwingnut fashion,

the FOXCrap crowd trotted out numbers saying there has been a 2.7% increase in auto accidents in the 3 years since recreational pot became legal in Colorado.

The Highway Loss Data Institute found collision claims in Colorado, Washington and Oregon rose 2.7 percent when compared with both their own pre-marijuana rates and crash claims in surrounding states where pot is still illegal.
What the jerks, who don't understand science or statistics DIDN'T say, was that Colorado has grown OVER FIVE% in population during that time.
Typical right wing horseshit, so they can get together and say,
'I done told ya so, Clyde, them potsmokin' hippies oughta just drink moonshine, like us GOOD people'....
Same old crap as Bullshit Mountain takes the dubious figures and runs with them. And the sheep say Amen.

It's hard to decide on the 'worst of the worst'

when looking at the Orange Clown's cabinet appointments, when over half of them are unqualified, incompetent or BOTH, as several are presently and historically at odds with the agency they are to lead.
SO, the NYT had a vote, and the WORST, in his pile of turds, is....... Betsy DeVos, Dept of Educ.
Yup, I'd have to agree, incompetent, inexperienced and unqualified. Only there cuz her family donated approx one BILLION to the Pubs. What makes it SICKENING instead of just sad, is that she is 'in charge' of EDUCATING the youth of America.
I knew (and know) that the Liar in Chief was/is gonna hurt us BAD, but this is damage on a truly profound level....

I haven't seen the Pub Health Care bill,

BUT, I hope it's a good one. I hope they can work WITH the Dems to take the best from Obamacare, (which they went out of their way to KILL) and craft a program that will move the US to a place where the rest of the world has been for decades.
But I doubt it...
I'm claiming the Pubs will say, 'This is it, look at it for a few days, then take it or leave it, vote NOW', and when it all comes crashing down, blame the Dems.
Just guessing, but that's the way the jerks(R) have always done it, and I sure don't see them changing.

My last post was the absurdity of solar panels PAYING for the WALL

This morning the Orange Clown was on TV, patting himself on the back saying, 'Pretty smart, huh, that was MY idea', as he pointed to his orange head.
I'd love to see the figures, with a pay-off period of what? 20,000 years?
And, didn't the Liar in Chief say Mexico was gonna pay for the wall?
Just another in his YUUUGE stinking pile of LIES.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Liar in Chief's latest YUUUGE lie

is that the border wall will have solar cells, SO, it will pay for itself.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I know the sheep are terminally stupid,BUT, is anyone THAT stupid?
OMG! Is there NOTHING that the sheep are too gullible to believe? I don't think so....
The NET migration of Mexicans is now TO Mexico, but the Orange Clown wants to build a wall, to keep them in the US?
I try to avoid the rightwingnuts, cuz 'who knows?' Stupidity MAY be contagious and I don't wanna take a chance, 

When I want a good laugh, I read Sean Hannity

and go from OMG that's funny, to OMG!, people actually BELIEVE that crap?

Today, from his Bullshit Mountain pulpit, Sean is rabble-rousing as he looks at the world from a 'special' point of view.

Here are the five dangers faced by President Trump, and indeed all Americans:
  • The alt-left, destroy-Trump, propaganda media that has been lying (yeah right, the media lies and The Liar in Chief doesn't, HA!) to America for 11 months nonstop. They push their Trump-Russia collusion theory, despite no evidence whatsoever (Bullshit!).
  • The so-called deep state, entrenched liberal bureaucrats (Trump people who can't put up with the lies) and Obama loyalists (patriots) who selectively leak information to damage (tell the truth about) the president and anyone associated with him. 
  • Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, which mission creep has transformed into an out-of-control, political witch hunt. (Hasn't reported ANYTHING, yet, but Sean muddying the water for when it does)
  • The cumulative effect of all this manufactured turmoil. It is putting President Trump's agenda in jeopardy, which ends up directly impacting all of us. (we can only HOPE)
  • An all-out effort to override the will of the American people (less then half, who believe FOXCrap) and change the results of a presidential election. This is now creating a national security crisis, (hopefulness).

Good job, UK

The Liar in Chief just continues to piss off our oldest and most important allies.

Trump's state visit to the UK put on hold for at least two years following huge protests

LONDON — The U.K. government
has put on hold plans to welcome Donald
Trump to the U.K. for at least the next two
years, it was confirmed today.
The U.S. president was originally penciled
in to visit Britain this summer but postponed 
his trip until the autumn following huge public
protests across the country.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Less than half the Pubs and NONE of the Dems know

what's in the new Trumpcare bill, BUT, they want to vote on it SOON! These are the same jerks who BITCHED when the Dems held over 100 meetings, with them, cuz the Dems RUSHED it through.
Yup, the same a-holes who tried a late night, closed door meeting to KILL the Ethics Bill, the first night the Orange Clown was elected.
Yup, a bill that affects hundreds of millions, crafted behind closed doors, in secret by the jerks(R) who bitched SO much when the Dems took YEARS to do the same thing.
Same old shit from the same bad actors...
And the sheep say Amen....
And you wonder WHY I can't stand them?

In the crazy/stupid mixed-up world of FOXNews

Sean says the Trump/Russia 'witch hunt' is like the 'birther' conspiracy, which HE supported. How stupid ARE the sheep? Oh yeah,they're the sheep. Nuff said...

In an effort to discredit the investigation into possible collusion between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia during the 2016 election, Fox News host Sean Hannity compared the probe to conspiracy theories questioning where former President Barack Obama was born.
“This has now become, like, Russia-Trump conspiracy ― birther conspiracies, you know? Sort of truthers,” Hannity said Monday on his show.
Which Sean-baby SUPPORTED!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Am seeing the temps in Phoenix and Las Vegas

and was feeling sorry for those having to put up with 119 degree heat, (and summer hasn't begun, yet) Then I thought....
Hey they chose to live there and they're mostly Pubs who deny global warming.
Hmmm, enjoy the heat, Bozos, who da thunk?
BTW, just saw the evening news, with the Orange Clown walking out of the White House, looking like a Roman emperor, who just had a YUUUGE, satisfying, bowel movement.  Same old Trump..., and the sheep LOVE him, as they cluelessly swallow the crap.

Does anyone else notice

that we aren't getting our daily dose of bullshit from the White House. No Kellyanne to give us 'alternate facts' and not even Spice Spice Baby to tell us he knows what covfefe means.
Yup, the Liar in Chief just speaks through Twitter and his lawyer(s) who have also 'lawyered up'.
Saw 20/20 the other night and the current crook and Russia are SO like Tricky Dicky and Watergate. I guess there's just something about Repubs. Something like diarrhea, it just runs in the jeans genes.

 LYING that is. And the Orange Clown is the king. He even wrote a book about it. Do the sheep care? Hell no, and neither does the Liar in Chief. Like he says, he could shoot someone in Times Square...
I honestly thought our country could never sink so low, then I remember FOXNews, and sheep. Never mind.....

Last Friday's 20/20, detailed Watergate

I'd forgotten a lot of it, but it all came back, esp how I had LEARNED to hate Republicans, for the lying jerks they are. Lie after lie, heaped on others, as they just DENY and think the people should just accept the lies. A lot like now.
I had learned to first hate them, as they sent young Americans, incl friends of mine, to kill, die and be wounded in Viet Nam, for no reason other than to enrich the military industrial complex. Watergate, even before Iraq, (which was Viet Nam all over, war based on LIES), taught me that Republicans are the WORST, (not even close) and those that include Dems as 'just as bad', just don't have a clue. Killing for profit? Lie after LIE? Republican, ALL THE WAY.
Watergate taught us to 'follow the money' and I believe that is what will take down the current Liar in Chief' There are SO MANY parallels with Trump and Nixon, as they both think they are above the law, but they AREN'T, as they both fired the person in charge of investigating them.
I'm just waiting to see who the next Woodward and Bernstein are gonna be, bringing down another crooked, lying Repub president.
Bottom line, Trump makes Nixon look like a saint.

While thousands of important positions remain unfilled,

the Orange Clown appointed someone with ZERO experience (following his pattern) to head a multi-billion dollar agency. Just when you think he CAN'T get any worse,.....

Trump reportedly gives federal post to his family’s ‘event planner’


Donald Trump has made plenty of dubious personnel decisions since winning the presidential election, but the New York Daily News reports on an apparent hiring that will be tough to defend.
…Now President Trump has appointed longtime loyalist Lynne Patton – who has zero housing experience and claims a law degree the school says she never earned – to run the office that oversees federal housing programs in New York.
Patton was appointed Wednesday to head up the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Region II, which includes New York and New Jersey, where she’ll oversee distribution of billions of taxpayer dollars…. As head of the biggest HUD regional office in the U.S., Patton will oversee distribution of billions in cash to public housing authorities – including NYCHA – as well as tens of thousands of rental vouchers and block grants that fund housing inspections and senior citizen programs.

As Global Warming gets worse.

so do wildfires. BUT, the Orange Clown decided we need more and bigger weapons, shoveling more cash to the most bloated military EVER. In a world where cyber warfare and terrorists are the real enemy, the Liar in Chief has gutted the US Park Service and it's fire fighting ability. Maybe cuz the West didn't vote for the jerk(R)?

Yup, 97% of Climatologists are wrong,

and politicians(R) are right. Can you say Gullible?
Today's Joke - Mon, 19 Jun 2017
In Michigan, a Republican congressman said that God would “take care of” climate change.

So now, a group of polar bears are on their way to “take care of” a Republican congressman in Michigan.

In other Repub news

Is Your God Dead?
Building walls, banning refugees and ignoring the poor are the social expressions of bankrupt theologies.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

OK Rightwingnuts, do I have a deal for you

Am putting up $100, in front of the world here. I'm betting that I can document TEN TIMES as many LIES, from the Liar in Chief, than you can document from 'Crooked Hillary', or Obama.
Cash money, American. C'mon, Orange Clown supporters!
Put your money where your 'FOX flavored' belief is, as the Liar in Chief is SO full of shit, it's not even a fair bet.
Step up, jerks(R), put your money where your mouth is, IF you have $!00. Could you still afford 'lot rent' for your 'single wide'?
Donald Trump IS the Liar in Chief, without a doubt, as the sheep swallow his crap, and don't give a shit. Wanna BET?
When did lying(R) become OK? Oh yeah, FOX.. Never mind.

Wow, for Fathers Day

Click to enlarge

Kari sent me this pic from Dubrovnik, home of the Iron Throne. Yup, you look like a Ruler!
Love you girl. Safe travels, on or off a dragon,,,

Have I mentioned, I LOVE sports!

esp when the Rockies have a walk off win, when Nolan Arenado hits for 'The Cycle' with the last hit being a 2 run HOMER! Not sure I've seen a better finish, other than Kurt Gibson..
Wow, what a Father's Day gift, as the Rocks stay in FIRST!
BTW, Nolan was celebrating with teammates after walk-off win, someone headbutted him, and he's gonna need stitches in his eyebrow. What a memory!
Now am watching US Open Golf finish.
Life is GOOD!

'Brag Alert' on Father's Day,

as I look, with love, at my offspring.
If you judge the 'success' of your children by their education, career, work ethic, marriage/family life, happiness, friends, 'basic goodness/morals', 'sticking around'/(not moving away, which is YUUUGE!) and our personal relationship (friends!), I was/am a great dad, or got REAL lucky, but not sure 'luck' pertains to this situation. Perhaps 'fortunate'.
Of course it's mainly cuz I chose a great mother for my children, but still MY choice.
Bottom line, whenever I'm feeling a little down, I just look at my contribution to the world, and I immediately feel better, for good reason. Nate and Kari.
Wow, no prouder father in the world, and IF ONLY the world was full of people like them...

Good article and pic today, in the Denver Post,

of an elk herd in the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge, on the edge of Boomfield, about four miles from here. Real close to Nate's office. Competing groups are fighting over opening it up to public access. I have mixed feelings as I'd like to hike in there, but don't wanna see the wildlife disturbed. Kind of a 'gray area'. Some of the largest Mule Deer bucks that I've seen anywhere, are just a short bike ride from home, in the refuge, where you occasionally have to wait for the elk to cross the road.

Wow, I've read some stupid crap

but Caitlan (Bruce) Jenners' remarks to her Repub audience have to be near the top of the dung heap.

A crowd at the convention of the College Republican National Committee erupted in laughter and applause when featured speaker Caitlyn Jenner joked Friday about the attack on a group of GOP lawmakers, saying: “Liberals can’t even shoot straight.” (cuz no one was KILLED).
Wow, is she referrring to the rightwing shooters who successfully kill a LOT more people? The nutjob(R) who shot up the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Co Sprgs was a 'great' shot. It's probably because there are a lot more of them and they get more practice. BUT, cheering such an insensitive comment is PURE nutjob(R), and SO typical, as the assault rifles they 'champion' are used again. 
Surprise! That's what they're made for, not hunting, and the NRA/Pubs love the YUUUGE magazines, so the 'shooters' don't have to stop and reload.

Have I ever mentioned how I 'can't stand 'em'(R)?

The Orange Clown is flaunting

his 50% approval rating, from Rasmussen(R) polls.
What? Who are those clowns?
According to Wikipedia, Rasmussen is a 'right-leaning' polling group that relies on robo-calls to land lines, where participants are asked to 'hold' and then answer political questions. Wow...
First, how many people still have land lines? AND, who's gonna wait and hold for pre-recorded questions? The same rightwingnuts who elected the Liar in Chief in the first place, that's who.
Clueless sheep, who have to turn down the latest rant from Rush or Sean to hear the robo-call.
At least it explains WHO Rasmussen is, and how they get their 'pro-Trump numbers', while every other reputable, qualified poll has the jerk(R) at approx 34%.
BTW, WTF is wrong with the one in three who support the Embarrassment to America? Oh yeah, clueless FOXSheep. 

Several interesting articles in this morning's Denver Post

The first one that got our attention was about a new concept in delivering drinks to your table, via 'electric train'. The original is in Prague, where Carol and I enjoyed it last fall. Carol had a bottled water for $1.50 (American) and my LARGE Czech (great) beer was $.80. FAST service as you order from a terminal at your table.

A model freight train carries a beverage to costumers in a restaurant in Prague, Czech Republic, Wednesday, April 19, 2017. In three Czech restaurants, model freight trains arrive at your table and stop right in front of you with your your order of drinks. 
PRAGUE — Having been tested successfully on beer-loving Czechs, the beer train is heading for the United States and China.
Just imagine: you order a pint of beer, or even a cool glass of orange juice, and your drink is served by a model freight train arriving at your table.
Then there was an article on the Prieto Battery development at CSU in Ft Collins, where they have invented a battery that is small, flexible, non-flammable, enviro- friendly, cheap to produce that charges twice as fast and holds a charge 3-5 times longer AND has a longer lifespan than a I-phone battery. More Colorado tech.
Wow, think there's any market for that?
 Basic batteries are thin layers that exchange electrons, but this is a 3-D configuration, think sponge-like with interlocking fibers. Black and Decker has first dibs, cuz they financed the research, but other applications should be available in the next couple of years. Wow, maybe investable?