The sheep love FOXNews

where they are continually told Dems Bad/Pubs Good, but don't look behind the curtain. MSNBC is just the opposite, but they actually use FACTS in their reporting. Dozens of other 'news' organizations try to explain what's happening, but none of them really have any 'skin in the game'.
The best, and most accurate view of reality is....... the stock market, where thousands of investors and financial institutions bet real money. It's telling us the Orange Clown isn't in danger, at this time, no matter WHAT some of us would like to believe. The 'smart money' still thinks the Liar in Chief will be able to implement his 'deregulation' for the banks (already happening) and Big Business, slash rules for coal and energy companies, (at the expense of clean air and water), and shift the tax burden away from large corporations and the rich, to 'guess who"? That is what has fueled the market rally.
Not everyone is REALLY convinced though, cuz the bond market is acting VERY cautious, with the 10 year bond yield at about 2.15%.
We'll know when the Orange Clown is in real trouble when the market tells us. It may be a slow slide and it may crash overnight, depending on WHAT evidence they get on The Liar in Chief.
Bottom line, no matter what your fave talking head says, just 'Follow the Money' as always, and don't be the last one out....
Wow, check out these 5 charts that compare the market crash of 1999 to NOW. Kinda scary if you believe that 'chart stuff'. PLUS, we have an obviously guilty prez, hanging on by his fingernails.


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