Now that BS Mountain has dropped the 'Fair and Balanced'

slogan, they're going all in, selling books to the sheep. Those that can read, that is.
Yup, that noted author and intellectual, Todd Starnes, is putting 'teasers' out, to prime the pump, as on FOX, today.

What I'm about to say is politically incorrect, but it needs to be said: our great nation is teetering on the brink of political and cultural anarchy.
And the blame lies with Hollywood and the Mainstream Media and public universities and far left activists - fomenting hatred and trying to bring down the Trump Administration. 
RISE UP SHEEP, and send your money to Todd Starnes, who has the answers. Buy the book and find them, NOW. 
It's NOT President Trump who's the PROBLEM, it's those who OPPOSE him!
Buy the book, fellow patriots!


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