It's hard to decide on the 'worst of the worst'

when looking at the Orange Clown's cabinet appointments, when over half of them are unqualified, incompetent or BOTH, as several are presently and historically at odds with the agency they are to lead.
SO, the NYT had a vote, and the WORST, in his pile of turds, is....... Betsy DeVos, Dept of Educ.
Yup, I'd have to agree, incompetent, inexperienced and unqualified. Only there cuz her family donated approx one BILLION to the Pubs. What makes it SICKENING instead of just sad, is that she is 'in charge' of EDUCATING the youth of America.
I knew (and know) that the Liar in Chief was/is gonna hurt us BAD, but this is damage on a truly profound level....


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