It makes sense and agrees with what I've always said/thought

Alcohol is a SOLVENT, and Alzheimers/dementia, plus many other diseases like stroke and heart attacks are from a build-up of plaque, lipids and other fatty deposits. Just like putting Drano in a clogged kitchen sink
 VOILA! Remove the clog and the the flow improves.
I know the Pubs are anti-science, but this is SO simple even a Republican should be able to understand... The Germans just proved it...
 Drinking a moderate amount of alcohol may protect against dementia, according to a new study in the journal Age and Ageing.
Among Germans aged 75 and older, those who drank two to three drinks a day decreased their risk of dementia by as much as 60% percent compared to those who abstained.
BTW, it agrees with MANY studies in France and Italy, where wine is a part of life. BUT, the abstainers are part of Darwinism, which I totally agree with.


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