Although I don't particularly like Michael Moore

he's right.
Michael Moore Slams Dems: ‘No Message, No Plan, No Leaders’
 They can't just point out what a joke the Liar in Chief is, cuz half the country doesn't give a shit. He has an (R) after his name and that's all that matters, cuz the sheep listen to/believe FOXLies, where the overwhelming message remains DEMS BAD- PUBS GOOD, and that's all their brains can handle.
Until the Dems can get some good policy plans, the double digit IQ minions will rule the country, and by the time they see the damage from The Orange Clown, it will be WAY TOO LATE.
And in semi-related news. Yup, a gay, black woman was the officer who primarily saved the guy who's party is against, gays, blacks and women, no matter HOW MUCH they refuse to admit it.


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