Trump has been compared to Nixon

when referring to sleazy Repub politicians, but that's not fair---to Nixon.

The wiretapping of the DNC, even if successful, would not have had much impact on the 1972 election, which Nixon won in a landslide. The 2016 election was much closer — decided by just 80,000 votes in three states — and Trump touted the Clinton campaign emails released by WikiLeaks non-stop during the last month of the campaign. The Russian intervention could well have changed the course of U.S. history, and Trump openly applauded this Russian assault on our democracy.
As Nixon famously said: “It’s not the crime that gets you … it’s the coverup.”
Trump, who has said that he was thinking about "this Russia thing" when he fired James Comey, is now discovering the truth of those words.
Trump and Nixon BOTH hate(d) the press. Guess why? The press exposes their dirty laundry, and the Orange Clown has TONS of it. SO, he calls it 'Fake News' and Bullshit Mountain , where the gullible sheep get their 'news', catapults the bullshit. Nothing new here, but it gets SO old....


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