There are TWO KINDS of 'fake news'

One, is from the media, and it very rarely happens. When it does, and can shown to be fake or false, those who screwed up are held responsible and fired, just like the CNN people, this week, Brian Williams, the Rolling Stone reporter and the White House guy who said Trump had replaced a statue. All mistakes were recognized, apologies given and heads rolled.
Then we have the SECOND kind of 'fake news' that is constantly given by the White House 'propaganda catapulters' and the Liar in Chief himself. I just had a post on OVER a hundred, VERIFIED 'fake news' items, or as they're more commonly known as 'out and out LIES'.
Did anyone lose a job or even get reprimanded? HELL NO, they just double down, then start with NEW lies when they are buried too deep in the last one. The Liar in Chief sets the tone, by lying nearly every day, many days 'multiple' times. (see post) but whenever the press reports on anything the Trumpies don't like, it's labeled 'fake' and the sheep swallow the denial.
Yup, two types of fake news. If the media gets caught, heads roll, jobs are lost. When Trump and his henchmen lie, it's NO BIG DEAL, cuz we've heard it SO much, and everyone just expects it.
Here's over a hundred, from just the last few months...


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