Before the Russians got 'their boy' in the White House

Obama had a plan to retaliate against them, for interfering in the US election. BUT, their boy won, thanks to the gullible sheep, SO, now the Russians are 'off the hook'.
A new Washington Post report reveals a secret plan
forged by former President Barack Obama's
administration to retaliate against the Russians
for their interference in the 2016 election.
The Post reports Obama approved a covert operation
just before he left office to plant "cyber weapons" in
 Russia's infrastructure which they called "the digital
equivalent of bombs that could be detonated if the
United States found itself in an escalating exchange
with Moscow."
Ultimately, when Obama left office, the operation was
 still in the planning phase, leaving implementation up
 to President Trump, who has had a rocky history of
acknowledging Russia's involvement in the 2016 
election. DUH, he kisses Putin's ass, cuz that's
the only reason he's prez. And the sheep say Amen....
C'mon a-holes, pretend the Russians didn't put
their boy in the White House. Even YOU can't be THAT
stupid? Oh yeah, you can, Never mind...

It's ONLY 17 of 17 US intel agencies that AGREE the Russians supported
Trump. Do the sheep wonder why? OF COURSE NOT!
Can you say Gullible Idiots? OR typical FOXSheep?


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