The Pubs finally crawled out of hiding

with their anti-Health Care bill. Here are some of the High-Lights(?).

Republicans plan to bring the controversial bill that was drafted in secret to a quick vote next week, but face potentially fatal opposition to it from several members of their own caucus.
The 142-page bill, if passed into law, would sharply reduce financial aid that currently helps millions of people obtain health coverage, while at the same time offering a tax break to primarily wealthy Americans to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars.
The federal government's share of funding for Medicaid, which is jointly run with individual states, would fall to around 57 percent of the cost of that program, which offers health coverage to the poor. (Those are primarily Repubs, who supported Trump)
"Under the Senate bill, low-income people would pay higher premiums for bigger deductibles," Levitt said.
He had noted on Twitter on Wednesday that "A 60 year-old at 351% of poverty currently gets a premium subsidy of $5,151 per year on average." The Senate bill would eliminate all of that federal financial aid if it becomes law. (The hundreds of BILLIONS to the wealthy has to come from SOMEWHERE!)
Republican=The OPPOSITE of Robin Hood.
Read the entire Disaster(R) here:


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