Several interesting articles in this morning's Denver Post

The first one that got our attention was about a new concept in delivering drinks to your table, via 'electric train'. The original is in Prague, where Carol and I enjoyed it last fall. Carol had a bottled water for $1.50 (American) and my LARGE Czech (great) beer was $.80. FAST service as you order from a terminal at your table.

A model freight train carries a beverage to costumers in a restaurant in Prague, Czech Republic, Wednesday, April 19, 2017. In three Czech restaurants, model freight trains arrive at your table and stop right in front of you with your your order of drinks. 
PRAGUE — Having been tested successfully on beer-loving Czechs, the beer train is heading for the United States and China.
Just imagine: you order a pint of beer, or even a cool glass of orange juice, and your drink is served by a model freight train arriving at your table.
Then there was an article on the Prieto Battery development at CSU in Ft Collins, where they have invented a battery that is small, flexible, non-flammable, enviro- friendly, cheap to produce that charges twice as fast and holds a charge 3-5 times longer AND has a longer lifespan than a I-phone battery. More Colorado tech.
Wow, think there's any market for that?
 Basic batteries are thin layers that exchange electrons, but this is a 3-D configuration, think sponge-like with interlocking fibers. Black and Decker has first dibs, cuz they financed the research, but other applications should be available in the next couple of years. Wow, maybe investable?


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