In typical rightwingnut fashion,

the FOXCrap crowd trotted out numbers saying there has been a 2.7% increase in auto accidents in the 3 years since recreational pot became legal in Colorado.

The Highway Loss Data Institute found collision claims in Colorado, Washington and Oregon rose 2.7 percent when compared with both their own pre-marijuana rates and crash claims in surrounding states where pot is still illegal.
What the jerks, who don't understand science or statistics DIDN'T say, was that Colorado has grown OVER FIVE% in population during that time.
Typical right wing horseshit, so they can get together and say,
'I done told ya so, Clyde, them potsmokin' hippies oughta just drink moonshine, like us GOOD people'....
Same old crap as Bullshit Mountain takes the dubious figures and runs with them. And the sheep say Amen.


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