After eight years of totally screwing up our country

GW was run outta town with a 22% approval rating,, which was GOOD compared to his henchman, The Dick. I thought we'd never see anything like it, BUT, as we watch the latest Repub assault on our way of life, the Orange Clown was at 34% BEFORE the Comey testimony is completed.

Bottom line, if you want something REALLY screwed up, just follow FOXLies and vote Republican.
Stay tuned as we learn more about the lies and dirty dealings of the Liar in Chief(R).

BTW John McCain REALLY embarrassed himself with a really stupid line of partisan questions, that had OBVIOUS answers. Comey said, 'I'm confused'. Oh really? Hard to tell with Pubs whether it's full-blown dementia or just Pubs being Pubs...
BTW, McCain, who I USED to respect (before his Pain for VP choice), in trying to explain his STOOPID statements, said that he had stayed up too late watching the AZ Diamondbacks. Nice try, senile old fart(R)...


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