Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics, said it best...

'Sweet Dreams' are made of this..
Can you imagine the size of the exit hole, from the A-hole?  YUUUGE!
Non sexual porn, for patriots.....
Before you bitch, jerks(R), think about your hero, and waste of human flesh, Ted 'Deplorable' Nugent, who promised to 'be dead, or in jail' if Hillary was elected, as he waved an assault rifle, while the other Deplorables cheered. And Trump invited him to the White House.
Welcome to my 'Sweet Dream', seen through a scope, as I've seen SO many elk, that ended up in my freezer.

Before you rightwingnuts come unglued... Do I plan to hunt the Liar in Chief. Nope, too lazy.
BUT, if through some unexplainable twist of fate I'd find him in my crosshairs, would I squeeze the tigger?
What do you think?


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