As the sheep swallowed the Trump bullshit, during the election,

one of the YUUGE stories was the Carrier jobs, in Indiana, as the Orange Clown bragged about the 'nearly 1000' jobs that the Liar in Chief 'saved'. Seems that number was YUUUGELY inflated as Carrier just announced over 600 of those jobs were LOST, in spite of YUUUGE tax breaks. Over $7 million.
While I feel sorry for those who lost a job, I can only think, 'Too bad Indiana' (lowest property values in the US), who helped put the Liar in Chief in office. 'DUH... Who coulda seen THIS coming?
Anyone with a brain????
Even before he took the oath of office, President
Donald Trump was hailed for striking a deal with 
Carrier — a heating and refrigerating company 
based in Indiana — to save "close to 1,000" jobs 
that were on the chopping block.
Yet nearly six months later, Carrier is saving only a
small fraction of those jobs, as they laid off 630.
DUH, who da thunk?
A recent poll conducted by Quinnipiac University 
shows that President Donald Trump's job approval
 rating is once again taking a dip.

Only 34 percent of participants gave a positive 
response, meaning 2 out of 3 DON'T approve.


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