Aside from all his insane policies and politics,

I think the main reason I can't stand the Liar in Chief is the mental comparison I do, every time he opens his vile mouth.
There's a YUUUGE difference between the articulate, intellectual, morally competent, intelligent words of Barack Obama vs the lies from the Orange Clown delivered at a 4th grade level vocabulary, contradicting established truth and former stances. Don't notice it? Hmmm. May wanna work on your GED...
This obviously works FINE for the DEPLORABLES, but for those who advanced past a grade school vocabulary, listening to this clown butcher the English language, only able to sound even halfway presidential when he sticks to the teleprompter, it just plain HURTS to see how far the office of President of the US has degenerated.
I'd love to have to just one chance, to kick the a-hole right in the confefe.


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