CBS News Sunday Morning is one of my favorite shows

It can be, and is, about anything and everything. Today, they featured Roger Waters, one of the founders of Pink Floyd, and his current tour. His last tour was largest grosser, by a solo musician, in the history of music. 'Dark Side of the Moon', and 'The Wall' are two of the largest selling albums of all time.
Waters hates Trump MUCH more than I do and his concert hammered home the theme. If I had seen 'Sunday Morning' last week, I would have been at his show, last night, with Ted and Kari, who couldn't believe I didn't have a ticket. I guess I'm just ignorant/stupid for not knowing/going.
The show was covered by Westword, the Denver paper, though, this morning, and here are some snippits.

Waters’s show was an utter evisceration of President Donald Trump, so brazenly defiant and offensive that one had the impression that Waters would have been ecstatic if he succeeded in shocking any Trump sympathizers right out of the arena.
On a giant LED video screen suspended behind the stage, images of Trump were superimposed with KKK and Nazi Germany iconography, and at one point during the song “Pigs,” there was even a brief zoom-in of a Trump statue with a micro penis.
But perhaps the most direct fuck-yous to the president were Trump's own quotes, including those from the infamous Access Hollywood tape, emblazoned across the giant screen.
When “pigs” concluded with the message, “TRUMP ERES UN PENDEJO” (translated from Spanish to, “Trump, you’re an asshole”), the packed crowd at the Pepsi Center leapt to its feet and roared in approval and laughter.
As Waters’s ten-person band continued into the Floyd favorite, “Money,” the song was accompanied with images of Mar a Lago and some of Trump's failed casinos like the Taj Mahal.
During the final song of the show, right as the band launched into the climactic guitar solo of “Comfortably Numb,” confetti suddenly rained down from the rafters of the arena.
Printed on one side of the small, pieces of paper was the word “RESIST.”
And whether or not you agree with the message, it was a rock-and-roll kind of statement.

One of my favorite Pink Floyd songs was/is 'Us and Them', and it's never been MORE true. It's US, vs the brain dead FOXSheep/Trump supporters. Some things never change, but I've learned something VERY important. If I just ignore the idots I can stay sane, as long as I can unload in a place like THIS, but I always have the thought, WTF is WRONG with them? How can anyone be so ignorant/gullible?


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