Does anyone else notice

that we aren't getting our daily dose of bullshit from the White House. No Kellyanne to give us 'alternate facts' and not even Spice Spice Baby to tell us he knows what covfefe means.
Yup, the Liar in Chief just speaks through Twitter and his lawyer(s) who have also 'lawyered up'.
Saw 20/20 the other night and the current crook and Russia are SO like Tricky Dicky and Watergate. I guess there's just something about Repubs. Something like diarrhea, it just runs in the jeans genes.

 LYING that is. And the Orange Clown is the king. He even wrote a book about it. Do the sheep care? Hell no, and neither does the Liar in Chief. Like he says, he could shoot someone in Times Square...
I honestly thought our country could never sink so low, then I remember FOXNews, and sheep. Never mind.....


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