File it under DUH, (and he DID lie, several times)...

You don't get to be head of the FBI, without recognizing LIARS, when you run into them.
Only the densest of the sheep, (which is one HELL of a contest) doesn't realize/admit the Orange Clown(R) is a pathological LIAR.
James Comey speaks out on Trump: 'I was honestly concerned he might lie'
Who's the worst? The liar who lies or the idiots who believe him?
Yup, the rightwingnut, gullible sheep/idiots, trained by FOX, to accept lies, by FAR...
You can't blame a snake for being a snake. (Right, Donald?)
This (below) is the 'lying sack o' shit) the Pubs (with the help of the Russians) elected, in his own words....


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