Give the kid an award,

One of the FOXClowns is bitchin' cuz a high school student put up pics of the Liar in Chief with a sign that said 'draw on me', and the kids did. Like most thinking Americans, they hate him, and didn't hold back. I'm SHOCKED!

A New York school district has launched an investigation into a student art show that included profane references to President Trump.
The art show at Shen High School featured a dozen drawings of the president’s face. Above the drawings was a sign that read, “Draw on Me.” On a nearby table was a box filled with markers.
Let’s just say, the youngsters did not hold back.
“Burn in Hell, Trump,” wrote one person.  Another person scrawled the word, “a**wipe", and it got worse from there.
Like I say, give the kid an 'A' for the project.


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