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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Less than half the Pubs and NONE of the Dems know

what's in the new Trumpcare bill, BUT, they want to vote on it SOON! These are the same jerks who BITCHED when the Dems held over 100 meetings, with them, cuz the Dems RUSHED it through.
Yup, the same a-holes who tried a late night, closed door meeting to KILL the Ethics Bill, the first night the Orange Clown was elected.
Yup, a bill that affects hundreds of millions, crafted behind closed doors, in secret by the jerks(R) who bitched SO much when the Dems took YEARS to do the same thing.
Same old shit from the same bad actors...
And the sheep say Amen....
And you wonder WHY I can't stand them?


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