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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Heard a good 'toast' a while back,

that I'm reminded of this Father's Day weekend.
'May we get what we WANT, and what we NEED but not what we DESERVE'.
Not sure I deserve such great kids, but not gonna argue. Met Nate at a brew pub, where we had some brews and ate from a food truck. The beer and 3+ hour conversation was great, but the food, not so much, which is OK.
My other kid called from Dubrovnik, on the Croation coast, after leaving Rome, where they went after Positano.

They're gonna do the Game of Thrones tour, and I hope Kari, with her long blonde hair, can ride a dragon, while Ted doesn't have to do the 'walk of shame'.
Carol and I will be visiting later in the year, so am hoping for a good scouting report. Watching Bella, their cat, and Bailey 'bounce off' each other is always fun, while we 'kittysit'.
Bottom line, loving my fantastic kids, whether I deserve them or not, while remembering my own wonderful father, Lee, Luv you, dad....
Life is Good.


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