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Saturday, June 03, 2017

I don't think

the A-hole in Chief even evaluates the consequences as he looks at what Obama did, and decides to UNdo it. Like dumping on 99% of the nations of the world to fight Climate Change or INCREASING sentences for non-violent pot offenders, to give the over-crowded prisons a break. Nope, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions decided to raise pot possession ssentences, after he famously said, 'I liked the KKK til I found out they smoked pot'. Typical Repub a-hole that goes against the YUUUGE majority of Americans who want pot totally legalized.
SO, this week, the Liar in Chief looked at Cuban/American relations, opened by Obama, and decided to 'trash' the new freedoms.
I honestly don't know how the morons who voted for the Orange Clown can sleep at night. Oh yeah, they're SHEEP, who count themselves, lapping up the Repub propaganda on Bullshit Mountain, cuz they damn sure can't appreciate ANY of the late night hosts, who constantly make fun of the laughing-stock they elected.


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