I just realized the MAIN difference

between the thinking world and the FOXSheep. We thinkers have the entire WORLD media on our side, incl the Main Stream media (named for a reason) in the US.
The sheep have FOXNews, created by the Pubs, for propaganda.
DUHHHHH, 'Who you gonna believe?'
Tough choice, once your head is removed from your rectum. Hmmmm?
Here I go again, using logic on sheep without a clue. Sorry, my bad....
WTF is WRONG with these people? Oh yeah, FOXNews....

Hint: Either the (pathological) Liar in Chief, FAMOUS for lying is not telling truth, or it's (Boy Scout) Mueller, FBI guy, known for integrity, since 2001. 'Duh, who to believe?
How stoopid/gullible are the FOX sheep? Infinitely...


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