I recently published a list, from the NYT,

(click on it)
list of President Trump’s lies
of over 100 confirmed LIES that the Liar in Chief has told, just since he became prez. Seems that article generated quite the buzz, from readers who included MORE lies, and those apologists (sheep) who claim ALL presidents lie.
SO, the journalists are soliciting the lies they missed, AND to be 'Fair and Balanced', confirmed lies that Obama and GWBush told while in office. Keep in mind, we are comparing 8 year terms vs a few months. Will be interesting see compare and see how the Liar in Chief has earned his moniker.

If you think we missed any (Trump lies), please send an email to leonhardt@nytimes.com with the statement, the date and documentation of its falseness.
As for the project’s next stage: Some of the president’s defenders have argued on social media that his penchant for lying is no different than other recent presidents. We are skeptical of that notion, but we’re also open to evidence.
So if you can recall falsehoods that Presidents Barack Obama or George W. Bush told, send us an email with them. Documentation is ideal, but not necessary. (No need to email us about Obama telling people they could keep their health insurance or Bush claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction; we’re aware of those claims.)
I'll pass that list on, when it is published. 
Bottom line, anyone who can look to that lying S.O.B. and say 'Yup, I voted for him and that's MY GUY' is demonstrably ________(fill in yur own word).


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