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Thursday, June 22, 2017

I was gonna point out the LIES from The Liar in Chief's

latest campaign rally in Iowa, but those of us who use our brain KNOW he lies all the time, and the sheep(R) don't give a shit. SO, why should I point out he lied about, immigrants getting welfare, the 'death tax' on the little people, the Paris Accord being 'non-binding', the US is the highest taxed nation in the world, (it's near the middle) and many more.
But most of all, it was a classic Trump speech because
it contained a cornucopia of muddled and unsupported
claims — many flat-out false, many questionable at best.
Trump even noted as much, saying: “I have to be a little
careful, because they’ll say, ‘He lied!' (I wonder why?)
06/22/2017 12:29 pm ET

5 Things Donald Trump Said At His Rally That Were Wrong

“I have to be a little careful, because they’ll say, ‘He 

lied!’” Trump told Iowa supporters in a speech that 

was full of misstatements. (LIES)


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