I was trying to think

'What is the most HYPOCRITICAL thing Pubs have ever done, and it was REALLY tough, BUT, I settled on one, which wasn't easy, in the world of Pub ultra-hypocrisy.
My candidate has to be St Ronnie and his 'War on Drugs', while he and his henchman Ollie North, are dodging Congressional funding for an illegal war (sorta like Iraq), and the assholes set up a drug cartel to sell crack cocaine in the inner-cities, to buy weapons for their illegal war.
C'mon rightwingnuts, show me something even close.
Illegal drugs to support an illegal war. PERFECT and SO Republican, while they bitch about a 'private server'.
And then they voted for Donald Trump for prez.
The Pubs must be SO PROUD.....
Sorta like parents who have a kid who flunked out of Jr High, sold heroin to support his meth habit, while raping young boys and clubbing baby seals to raise money for the Trump campaign.


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