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Thursday, June 01, 2017

IF you believe Putin, over US intel,

he admits Russia helped elect Trump, BUT, it was 'private citizens', NOT the govt.
Yeah, right! WTF?
ONLY the brain dead FOXSheep believe such crap, but that's a YUUUGE number, as the Liar in Chief just yanked the US from Climate Change agreements that promised MORE jobs, not less.
Never mind, if you can't see the OBVIOUS, you are an idiot(R), that won't admit the Commies wanted the Orange Clown in charge.  If you can't see the obvious,go back to FOXNews, where the Repubs broadcast Repub propaganda, that contradicts 97% of Climate Scientists, in favor of Big Oil and coal.
I give up, logic vs Repub talking points? Not a chance.
This just in:
The Liar in Chief just returned Russian safe houses, in Wash DC and Maryland, taken when the Commies were shown to be meddling in the US election. HOW stoopid do you have to be, not to see what's going on? Never mind, FOXSheep rule again...
BTW, I used to think religion was 'harmless', then I saw gullible sheep herded together by Roger Ailes' dream, FOXNews, to elect the Orange Clown, 16 years after they learned NOTHING from the Bushies, who invoked GOD, all the time... NOT harmless, but SO Republican, as they(R) herded the naive 'otherwise good', gullible church goers, to vote for an a**hole like the Pussy Grabber.


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