If you ever wonder

how the 'other half ' (R) lives (in Kentucky), check out the Amazon series, with Timothy Olyphant, 'Justified'. It's a six season series, very well done. Whenever we don't know what to watch, we see 'Justified' and are never disappointed. Check it out, if you have Amazon TV, and want a long term series, with a look into the lives of the 'others'(R), who vote for Trump, instead of being 'edgykated', as they thump their Bible after their NRA meeting, like Jesus would have done, with his AK-47.
Can you say 'lowest property values in the USA?' Oh no, that's Indiana, their low rent cousins...

Trump/FOX  people, 'for shore'...
Can you imagine, living in the armpit of the nation, where 'being normal' means being a 'Thumper, who supports the Liar in Chief", so you can 'fit in' with the local yokels?
 OMG, FOXSheep. Who da thunk?
Can you guess WHY it's the lowest property values in the USA?
Why am I so vindictive? EASY!
These idiots elected the Liar in Chief, through their ignorance/gullibility. Case closed....


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