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Sunday, June 04, 2017

I'll be the first to admit, maybe there's something wrong with me,

cuz I don't claim to be plain or average, BUT, I thought Bill Maher's N-word joke was funny, and the PC crowd is WAY over-reacting. You just have to take it in context, and realize there was ZERO mailice in it. He's a comedian, going for a laugh.
In a longer conversation w/NE Senator Ben Sasse, Ben invited Bill to NE, to work in the fields. Maher immediately quipped, 'Not me, I'm a house nigga'. which was the theme of many books and movies.
BUT, the PC police, mostly those who don't like the fact he HATES Trump (like SO MANY of us), jumped all over him.
Oh well, just part of being on The Left, these days. Start a war, based on lies, killing thousands, NO PROBLEM. Use the n word in a joke, OMG! Lock him up....


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