I'm thinkin',

about doing blog posts ONLY from Repubs, who hate Trump, incl Chuck Grassley(R), who can't stand the SOB, joining Krauthammer, George Will, Graham and many others.
This would be partly for my international readers who think, WTF is going on?
Yup, the same party who HATED him as he lied his way into first place, now are having an identity crisis, as in, 'brown nosing' the Liar in Chief, OR pretend you have a bit of conscience.
Bottom line. most Pubs are bottom feeders who will kiss any ass to keep their jobs, BUT, there are a few, (and growing) with some integrity.
Nothing new here, as the Orange Clown is a lying SOB, but the sheep don't care. He has (R) after his name, so 'nothing else matters', as he trashes our country, with his continual LIES, as he aligns with the Russians, which USED to bother the GOP.


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