In all the 'back and forth' between Pubs and Patriots

one thing has become abundantly clear.
Republicans have chosen Party over Country,
.Doesn't get any clearer than that.
Donald Trump, the pathological liar as prez?
OMG! Like he says, (paraphrased):
He could murder someone in Times Square and his Deplorables 'wouldn't care'.
Here's a PARTIAL list (101) of the Biggest Lies from the Liar in Chief.
Shame on me. Trying to 'shame the shameless'...
Many NEW lies since this list was compiled, but you get the idea, unless you're a Pub, then you don't give a shit. It could be 10,000 lies, which would be OK, cuz he has (R) after his name. Like I said, 'Party over Country". Can it get any more obvious?
Check out 101 'documented' lies, from The Liar in Chief, the Oaf in Office.


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