In a typical example of, 'what were THEY looking at'

while Jeff Sessions gave (NO) testimony, the Pubs say the weasel 'won' the hearing, by clamming up, except when it came to 'protecting his HONOR!'

Sessions refused to answer critical questions, not because responses would require divulging either classified or privileged information, but because of an as yet unidentified written policy in the Justice Department that he claimed allowed him to refuse to answer on the grounds that the president might someday decide that a conversation or document is subject to executive privilege. Now, that’s news!
Sessions told the Senate panel that he has neither requested nor received a briefing covering Russia’s attack upon the 2016 presidential elections, even though he is the nation’s top law enforcement officer, a portfolio that includes extensive counter-intelligence activities. Now, that’s news, too!
Steven H. Cramer, Denver

In other Little Weasel news,
As the nation goes through an 'opiod epidemic' the Atty Gen has decided to declare 'war on pot', with more aggressive enforcement and longer prison sentences, knowing full well MOST Americans support complete legalization, AND states with legal pot have LESS of an opioid problem. What an a**hole, and thanks to the Orange Clown, one with POWER.
Remember when the Pubs were the party of 'states rights'? Well, the HYPOCRITES just flopped again....

The Little Weasal answered MOST of the questions with 'I don't recall' but also had weasely excuses, like
At one point, after acknowledging that only the president can cite “executive privilege,” he repeatedly insisted that he was “protecting the right of the president to assert it if he chooses.”
At other points, Sessions cited what he said was long-standing Justice Department policy protecting such private conversations, though he could not point to any written policy.
Bottom line, the rightwingnuts loved his 'duck and dodge approach, while the thinking world just grimaced....


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