In a typical FOX 'News?' article

that makes thinking people say WTF?,

Political consultants and campaign managers tell their candidates that they must win the news cycle to win the day. Do that more often than not and you have a good chance to win the election.
By that yardstick, President Trump is on a winning streak. He’s come out on top two weeks in a row.

Professional propagandist Michael Goodwin praised the Liar in Chief for having such a 'great two weeks', just as the new Gallup Poll, out today, showed him dropping 6 points, to approx 'one in three', which is about how many Americans live in the Southern Bible Belt, where they'd support a hyena if it professed to be a Christian and had an (R) after it's name. Typical Bullshit Mountain Repub propaganda, swallowed by the clueless sheep.


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