In typical Repub bullshit fashion, Paul Ryan blew off the Comey testimony,

saying it's no big deal, cuz Trump is new on the job.
RU shittin'me? I can never get used to those clowns(R)...
WASHINGTON ― Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) shrugged off the bombshell testimony of former FBI director James Comey with a mix of claimed ignorance and overwhelming sympathy toward President Donald Trump’s neophyte political status, saying, 'he's new to this'.
“There’s a ‘he said-he said’ thing to this, and I don’t have any comment on it,” Ryan said. (Other than, he's been a pathological liar his entire life, and why should we expect any difference now that he's the Liar in Chief?)
And the sheep said 'Amen', let's get back to important stuff, like BENGHAZI!
Lock her up!
If you read his book, the a-hole states, "lie to them three times, when you first start'. WOW, A true Republican HERO!


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