I've got mixed feelings

on the Megyn Kelly-Alex Jones interview. Kinda hard to comment without seeing it, but just the thought of her legitimizing this buffoon is kinda concerning. This jackhole says the killings at Sandy Hook, and the Aurora theater are 'fake', set up by the Liberals for their anti-gun crusade.
At first thought you'd think this is SO absurd that no one would believe him HA!
This jerk(R) is a regular in rightwingnut circles and was one of the FIRST people called by the Orange Clown to THANK for his support. Jones is the kind of gas bag, like many Southern preachers, who appeal to those sheep who need to be told WHAT and HOW to think. Oh, and BTW, 'keep your offerings and donations flowing in. We gotta stop them Anti GAWWD liberal commies from taking over our country'.
Jones' wife, in a trial where she got TOTAL custody of their children says he's insane. He says it's an act. Both may be true, BUT, it's an act that PAYS WELL with all the low IQ, clueless sheep 'out there' that flock to Bozos like Alex, when they aren't watching Sean on FOXNews.
Bottom line, will reserve judgement on Megyn Kelly until I see her piece on gasbag, scumball, Alex Jones, loved by the Deplorables that we were warned about.


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