Just got back from a drop-off at the airport,

and listened to radio (several stations) during the ride and the YUUUGE story this morning is......'Did you see Peyton Manning was golfing with Trump?' And then the question became, 'IF, the Broncos were playing, and Peyton were the QB, would he get BOOOED in Denver?, and the answer was/is a resounding YES!
The general consensus was, 'it's a free country, and Peyton can do what he wants, but WTF is Wrong with him'? And as for a free country, Denver fans are free to boo whoever they want, including a QB who 'used to good' before his last season in Denver, but must have taken too many shots to the head, along the way.
Bottom line, Peyton spent most of his career in Indianapolis, and we know what kind of 'backward' country that is. AND, it's good to know I'm not alone in my disdain for ANYONE who can look at the lyin' Pussy Grabber and say, 'Yup, he's my kinda guy'...
Obviously, Peyton took some YUUUGE shots to the head during his career, and early onset Alzheimer's may be setting in.


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