Just got home from golf

and turned on the Jeff Sessions questioning. WHAT A SLIMY BASTARD, that won't answer any direct questions, as he gives 'legalese' bullshit to EASY yes or no questions, concerning his contacts with Russians, claiming 'privileges and confidentiality' instead of actually answering direct questions.
Am SO sick of these sleazeballs(R), as they claim Comey was fired for 'not being fair to Hillary', rather than the fact he was getting TOO CLOSE to Trump/Russian connections, as the Liar in Chief told his buddies the Russians that he was getting rid of the 'Nutball' Comey, and it would take pressure off him, in the investigation.
 How stupid do you have to be, to swallow the Pub BS? Oh yeah, the sheep....
There was a time I respected John McCain, then he picked Sarah F Palin as VP. Now we see the senile old fart lobbing softballs to Sessions, putting words in his mouth, to change the subject of Russian interference. He should be ASHAMED, but you can't shame the shameless(R)....
Bottom line, either Trump or Comey is telling the truth. If you had to bet your life.....
NOT EVEN CLOSE! And if the sheep DIE, that's called 'natural selection'.
Democrats grew frustrated with Sessions’ failure to answer 
their questions.
“You’re impeding this investigation,” Sen. Martin Heinrich
 (D-N.M.) said. 
“I’m protecting the president’s constitutional right by not
giving it away before he has a chance to review it,” Sessions
At one point, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) accused Sessions 
of stonewalling. Sessions did not take the remark well, and 
went home crying....


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