Last Friday's 20/20, detailed Watergate

I'd forgotten a lot of it, but it all came back, esp how I had LEARNED to hate Republicans, for the lying jerks they are. Lie after lie, heaped on others, as they just DENY and think the people should just accept the lies. A lot like now.
I had learned to first hate them, as they sent young Americans, incl friends of mine, to kill, die and be wounded in Viet Nam, for no reason other than to enrich the military industrial complex. Watergate, even before Iraq, (which was Viet Nam all over, war based on LIES), taught me that Republicans are the WORST, (not even close) and those that include Dems as 'just as bad', just don't have a clue. Killing for profit? Lie after LIE? Republican, ALL THE WAY.
Watergate taught us to 'follow the money' and I believe that is what will take down the current Liar in Chief' There are SO MANY parallels with Trump and Nixon, as they both think they are above the law, but they AREN'T, as they both fired the person in charge of investigating them.
I'm just waiting to see who the next Woodward and Bernstein are gonna be, bringing down another crooked, lying Repub president.
Bottom line, Trump makes Nixon look like a saint.


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