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Sunday, June 18, 2017

OK Rightwingnuts, do I have a deal for you

Am putting up $100, in front of the world here. I'm betting that I can document TEN TIMES as many LIES, from the Liar in Chief, than you can document from 'Crooked Hillary', or Obama.
Cash money, American. C'mon, Orange Clown supporters!
Put your money where your 'FOX flavored' belief is, as the Liar in Chief is SO full of shit, it's not even a fair bet.
Step up, jerks(R), put your money where your mouth is, IF you have $!00. Could you still afford 'lot rent' for your 'single wide'?
Donald Trump IS the Liar in Chief, without a doubt, as the sheep swallow his crap, and don't give a shit. Wanna BET?
When did lying(R) become OK? Oh yeah, FOX.. Never mind.


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