OK, we have ALL the US intel agencies

on one side, and FOXNews on the other, when it comes to Russia interfering in the US election.
Duh, who you s'posed to believe?
Bonus question. How many of The Orange Clown's associates have ties to Russia?
YUUGE number, just from the ones we KNOW of.
I know, just a coincidence, according to the brain dead sheep, but for those of us with a functioning brain, OMG!
An entire country, our worst enemy, conspiring to influence the US election, in favor of a buffoon who has ZERO experience, AND lots of ties to that same enemy. And FOX-PARP screams, 'Stop the investigation! It'a a WITCH HUNT! That's OUR JOB, and her name is Hillary....

Special counsel Robert Mueller is said to be building out his investigative team with some of the country’s best legal minds, in a development that speaks to the seriousness of the Russia probe but also is raising red flags on the pro-Trump side.
“This is going to be a witch hunt,” Gingrich said on “Fox News Sunday,” and has called for it to be 'shut down'. WOW, who da thunk? 


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