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Friday, June 02, 2017

Open letter, to The World

Speaking for the citizens of the United States of America, we just want to apologize for the Orange Clown that is now representing us on the world stage. He speaks for a minority and was elected because so many voters were so easily swayed by the Republican Propaganda Machine, FOXNews.

After visiting the WWII Museum in New Orleans and seeing the propaganda that was spread to the German and Japanese people, concerning the United States, leading into WWII, I see it is the exact same method used by FOX and the Republican party, (one and the same), to spread fear and disinformation to the masses, who aren't really smart enough, or don't have the time, or just DON'T CARE.
Again, this lying, vain, arrogant bully doesn't represent the good people of the US, just the naive, ignorant masses who get their 'news' from the Republican propaganda machine, FOXNews.
We can only ask forgiveness and patience, as thinking people everywhere try to RESIST the Liar In Chief, (installed with the help of the Russians), who now holds our country hostage with his 'power trip' against the civilized world, of which he is not a part.
 Patience and forgiveness is what we ask, and again, we are SO SORRY....


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